Colorado Farmers Markets

We are in awe of the customers who've returned year after year, not just to add to their collection, but to say hello, share a caring thought and cheerlead us on. Your support is energizing.

Here's our 2021 schedule. We may add another market or two this summer, so check back periodically.

Evergreen Farmers Market 
10am - 2pm Starting June 1


Estes Valley Farmers Market 
(Estes Park)
8am - 1pm starting June 3

Erie Farmers Market 
4pm - 8pm starting May 13


Stanley Farmers Market 
9am - 1pm starting May 28

Southlands Farmers Market
8am - 1pm until Starting May 8

University Hills Farmers Market
9am - 1pm until Starting May 15

Golden Farmers Market 
8am - 1pm starting June 5

Minturn Market
9am - 2pm starting July 3


Parker Farmers Market
8am - 1pm starting May 9

South Pearl Street Farmers Market
9am - 1pm starting May16

Highlands Farmers Market
9am - 1pm starting May 23

Central Park Farmers Market
9am - 1pm starting June 6

Vail Farmers Market

10am - 3pm starting June 20