Empowering Women through Weaving

There's much to love about our baskets.

Handcrafted in Ghana, they're made with Kinkanhe grass and a vibrant spirit. They function beautifully as fashion, storage, or art, with a talented weaver behind every basket.

Fair Trade Verified

Ti-a employs weavers in 10 villages, paying above fair trade wages and working mainly with women's co-operatives. 

Not that long ago, we had to ask for permission from her husband and tribal chief for a weaver to earn money. Today, she can pay for her children to go to school and she has a growing voice in her home.

As she deserves.

For years Ti-a has been a fixture at farmers markets in Vail and Denver, Colorado. I travel to Ghana yearly, meeting with our long-time production manager and visiting villages to thank them and ensure good working conditions.

Your purchase lifts talent and dreams. Thank you.


Bring Home the Joy

"When one is done, be the friend who brought two."