Weaving is Empowerment

There's much to love about our baskets.

Handcrafted in Ghana, they're made with Kinkanhe grass and leather handles. They're durable and beautifully functional, with a proud weaver behind every basket.

Fair Trade Verified

Ti-a employs weavers in 10 villages, paying above fair trade wages and working mainly with women's co-operatives. 

Not that long ago, we had to ask for permission from her husband and tribal chief for a weaver to earn money. Today, she can pay for her children to go to school and she has a growing voice in her home.

As she deserves.

"When one is done, be the friend who brought two."

Based in Colorado

For years we've been a fixture at farmers markets in Vail, Estes Park and across Denver. I travel to Ghana yearly, meeting with our long-time production manager and visiting villages to thank them and ensure good working conditions.

My background is in sociology and African art. I believe humanity connects us, even though we're put on Earth in such wildly different places.

Your purchase lifts talent and dreams.