How green is my basket?
Very. Ti-a baskets are made from elephant grass -- native to Africa, grown without pesticides and goat-skin leather handles. Our baskets are not treated with chemicals. They are what they are.

Natural elephant grass

Basket Colors
Will my basket look exactly like a product picture?
No. We'll send the size and prominent color you requested, of course. Beyond that, most of the thousands of baskets we carry truly are unique. We give weavers flexibility to show their own style when they choose colors and patterns for a piece. When we choose which one to box for you, it's what has caught our eye as beautiful.
You're welcome to email us to narrow down your purchase if you don't like a certain color, or if you love a pattern you see. But we appreciate you taking a leap of faith, and being open to the unexpected.
Shaping Your Basket
Baskets are flattened to save on shipping costs.
Submerge your basket in cold water (in a tub is ideal). Once fully soaked, shape the basket with your hands to get the form you want. Let the basket dry naturally, not with a heater, and enjoy.
Don't worry. You got this.
The basket can be reshaped as many times as you'd like. Just be sure to always soak it in cold water first.
Caring For Your Basket
How long do Ti-a baskets last?
5+ years. They can sit outside, but for their longest life, place them indoors, out of direct sunlight. To keep the handles soft, apply a leather conditioner once a year.
Baskets As Plant Holders
They look great. Take a few precautions, though.
Put a plastic liner between the plant and bottom, so the basket isn't constantly wet. And, as a just in case, don't set the basket with plant directly on a light rug.

Small shopper basket as a plant holder

Wholesale Pricing
These lovely creations fit my business brand and customer interests. Do you wholesale?
Yes. Please email or call Simbala Drammeh - (720) 841-4093 - for pricing.