How do I shape my Ti-a Basket?
Submerge your Ti-a Basket basket in cold water (you can do this in a tub). Once fully soaked, shape basket with hands until you achieve desired form. Let basket dry naturally (not with a heater), and enjoy. 
How many times can you shape out your basket
The baskets can be reshaped as many times as you like. Make sure you always use cold water.
What is the life expectancy of a Ti-a Basket?
5+ years
What is the Ti-a Basket made out of?
All Ti-a Baskets and Woven Goods are made from with local grass in Ghana called Kinkahne Grass. Basket handles are goat skin leather
How do I make my Ti-a Woven Goods last the longest possible?
Apply a leather conditioner onto handles once a year to keep handles supple.
Are Ti-a Woven Goods weatherproof?
Ti-a Products can sit outdoors but you must remember that the woven goods are 100% organic grass that is biodegradable, so it will last longer indoors. 
What happen to the Ti-a Basket if it is exposed to the sun?
Direct exposure to the sun may shorten the life expectancy of your Ti-a Woven Goods
Where do my Ti-a Products Come From? All Ti-a Woven Goods are handwoven in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana using local materials and eco-friendly dyes. Learn about the process here