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Moses Basket

Moses Basket

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An enchanting bassinet to keep your newborn close. Strong handles are safe for babies up to 15 lbs.

For gingerbread and indigo, you'll receive the exact shown. For undyed natural and pink, please pick a handle color and we'll send one similar to the picture.

Approximate size

28" x 16" x 21" (including handles)

Sizes vary for each, so a mattress is not included. We recommended ordering a custom pad and sheet from Etsy after you've received your basket to get the best fit. Snug is safest: flat with no gap between the mattress and side of basket.

Why buy from Ti-a?

We’re a mom-friendly company, employing 500 weavers in rural Ghana to empower women in their homes and villages. Our weavers have flexible hours, picking when to work to meet family needs. And children are welcome during work sessions, for moms to nurse and get social time as the group collectively looks after little ones. Lots of good vibes here!

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