Ti-a Vom: Baskets are our life.

Bolgatanga, Ghana is known for weaving. The Frafra have crafted baskets for generations to supplement farming income.

Ghana has been shaped by the forces of nature and man. A British colony until 1957, it was one of the first African countries to gain independence. It's had a democratic government for 30 years, has halved its extreme poverty rate, and passed a wide range of laws to give citizens opportunity and protection.

A divide exists, though, between the two halves of Ghana. It's lush and urban to the south, where Accra, the capital, is. To the north, it's desert dry and rural.

The north has less literacy, income and basic services like roads and electricity.

There, women have secondary rights. It's getting better, but for a middle-aged woman the odds are low that she can own land, will inherit property from her spouse, has a bank account, has gone to school or can write her name.

And yet.

The women of Bolga are extraordinary. Talented. Resilient. Vibrant and full of joy.

Traditional Pot Basket

Add flair to your decor. Your guests will gravitate to it and you'll have a great story to tell.