Ti-a Woven Goods: Where Weaving is a Way of Living

Ti-a Woven Goods is a woman owned company that represents women's empowerment in Ghana.  
Basket weaving is a traditional handicraft in the Bolgatanga region of Ghana, where it is a popular means of income to supplement farming. 

It takes about four months for the Kinkanhe, or elephant grass, to grow in an area called Teachman near Kamasi. We own the land that it is grown on in order to maximize the profits that our artisans receive and ensure integrity of the organically grown grass. 

After the harvest, the grass is split and twisted. Then it must be let to dry. Once dry, it is dyed vibrant colors using all natural organic dyes. Because they are hand made and hand processed, each basket is uniquely one of a kind. 
After drying and dyeing, the grass is now ready to be weaved into a basket. The entire process takes much time.
 We work with over 400 Ghanaian women in Bolgatanga who make their livelihoods weaving baskets by hand. The women are paid a sustainable living wage in order to support themselves and their children.