Our Impact

Sustainable products to help women make a sustainable living. That's the root of our business.

Weavers walking through village

Ti-a imports from the Bolgatanga region of Ghana, where we employ 500 women at above fair-market wages. We have a working environment that is supportive and flexible -- weavers choose the orders they want to create based on their interest and needs at a given time. It's family-friendly, too. Young children are a regular part of weaving groups, so moms can work while little ones nap and play.

African weaving school

We've added to our mission in several ways:

Since 2012, Ti-a has run a basket school for weavers to increase their skills and earning power. Apprentices learn basic techniques that will get them started in business. Advanced weavers learn how to make complex art baskets that sell for a significant price.

African weaving group   Bolga weaver

We also fund children's schools, one in Bolgatanga and one in Accra. Ti-a is 100% firmly against child labor yet we have to recognize why families go down that path: a desperate need for household income and lack of access to education. By investing in schools and living wages, we want to give families every reason to invest in their children. 

Jabbok Educational Complex in Bolgatanga, Ghana