Wave Purse
Wave Purse
Ghana wave purse, with red & khaki brown colors
Ghana wave purse, handwoven and sustainably made
Ghana wave purse, with turquoise blue

Wave Purse

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You'll get a thousand compliments on how cute you look. Tell your admirers that it's handwoven and provides jobs for women to rise out of poverty, and sashay along with your stylish good deed.

Why buy here?

You're thinking more and more about sustainable fashion. Unique cuts, bright colors and bold patterns have driven your purchases; now take a closer look at the companies who make them to see their care (or not) for Earth and employees. How you spend your money holds them accountable.   

Each basket is unique.

This purse is 100% biodegradable, made of Kinkanhe grass, natural dyes and leather handles. Created in Bolgatanga, Ghana, it's a way for women to earn a living to send their children to school. 

Our weavers are encouraged to use their artistry and creativity, which means there are many variations of each product. The pattern you receive may not be exactly like the one pictured, so it helps to have a sense of adventure when buying from Ti-a. 

Pick a feature color you love and we’ll send you a favorite style in it.


20" x 20" x 11"