Wave Bowl
Star-shaped African wave baskets
Star-shaped African wave basket, with bright green color
Wave bowl from Ghana, made from elephant grass, close up

Wave Bowl

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A captivating, star-shaped basket.

Let it shine as a centerpiece, shelf decoration or whimsical addition to a beach house or sunroom.

Why buy here?

You’re drawn to organic beauty. Not just in terms of ingredients but in texture, form and the feel a natural object gives to a room.

Each basket is unique.

Ti-a works exclusively with women's coops in Ghana. The meaning behind each basket adds depth and story to your purchase. You are supporting a craft that empowers women, giving them independence to make their own decisions and earn money in an area where that's still a recent thing. 

Our weavers personally choose the look they want to make, so there are hundreds of variations of each product. Please note that the pattern you receive may not be exactly like the one pictured.

Pick a color you love and we’ll send you a beautiful style in it.


20" x 20" x 11"